Sofia was an orphan with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe and now has a forever family.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Special Connection

Today we finally got to meet a very special group of girls and their moms at a water park in Folsom. These are the girls from a local bible study group that worked so hard to fundraise for Sofia earlier this year. It was a very special day and Sofia LOVED every one of them. We had a blast and I literally did not hold Sofia for 2 1/2 hours as she happily went to each and every person who wanted to hold her. She was adorable and so were these girls!

I was really blown away with the love, maturity and overall kindness of these sweet young ladies. I was in awe of them all. I can only imagine what this experience was like for them. To meet Sofia in the flesh and know that they had a part in bringing her home to us. I also wonder how it will touch their lives in the future and if this possibly planted the adoption seed in their hearts.

Here are a few pictures that were snapped by the girls! SO much fun! We can't wait to meet up with them again. I'm thinking that Sofia will have a special connection with this incredible group of girls for many years to come...I hope!


  1. There are many young people out there doing great things, you just rarely seem to hear about them. Love the pics of Sofia hanging with her girls! :)

  2. What an amazing journey these young ladies have been on with you. They stepped out and made a difference in the world and look at the difference in Sofia in a few short months with love, laughter, and care. She is a ray of sunshine!!! I found your blog through another and have read it over and over since June. Thank you for sharing with the blogging world!!! You will never know who and how you have impacted those who have read your story. Your family is changing lives!!!

  3. you can tell she had a great day

  4. Oh my absolutely amazing!! What a terrific bunch of kids.

  5. It looks like you guys all had lots of fun! Those kids and their mommies are amazing! Sofia has new big sisters (and future babysitters)!! I am sorry that we missed you guys!

  6. So sweet! How wonderful that Sofia got to meet these amazing young ladies.


  7. What wonderful hearts those girls must have - and I'm sure none of them will forget this experience and what their good will meant for one very beautiful little girl!

  8. wow! What amazing young ladies they are!


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