Sofia was an orphan with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe and now has a forever family.
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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Trickle Effect


I had no idea what had begun that April day when I opened the March issue of Kidaround magazine.  I was actually searching for a different article, but my heart was captured by a photo of Sofia.  As an adoptive mom myself, Jennifer’s story moved me to tears.  I shared the article with my eldest daughter, Sara age 11.  We immediately agreed that we wanted to send money to Reece’s Rainbow for Sofia.

Later that week Sara attended her Girls’ Bible Study meeting, there she shared the story of Sofia and the fact that she wanted to send money to Reece’s Rainbow. All 17 girls in the group decided that they wanted to participate in raising money for Sofia too!
Each of the girls invested their time and talent differently. Some held bake sales, one girl had a lemon-aide stand, another crafted jewelry and hair clips, another made soy candles, sold bags of fresh herbs, sold licorice on the sidelines of a soccer game, or simply donated their allowance.  After 2 weeks time, together they had collected over $400.00.  Their motivation was of course helping Sofia.  But it is also incredibly valuable for these young girls (age 8-12) to learn that they are old enough to make a difference through both their work and prayer.  It has been a wonderful experience for them as they followed the details on Sofia’s journey through her blog, they now feel connected with this little girl from half way around the world. Jennifer has agreed to bring Sofia to meet all the girls as soon as they have settled in this summer. The girls can't wait!

And still another blessing...

While Sara was asking for donations for Sofia we met up with a friend, Danielle. Sara shared with Danielle the details of her fund raising effort.  Danielle was intrigued, and she promised to read Sofia’s blog and visit the Reece’s Rainbow website when she returned home.  That evening Danielle and her husband saw Ivan on the Reece’s Rainbow website, and they have now started the process of adopting him.  We are now praying for Ivan and seeking ways to help support their journey. Here is their blog Saving Ivan.


  1. Awesome! One person at a time and see how many change help make the world a better place? Blessings to all! Anne

  2. That is AWESOME! Those sweet girls deserve a lot of praise for all their efforts....they rock! ;)

  3. We are seeing this in our own adoption and it's mind-blowing to see God work through our ordinary lives like this!!!

    Can't wait to see you in Kiev! :)

  4. Oh, Toni! You and your daughters are so wonderful! Toni, you are such a great mom, we are so very lucky to have you as a friend! I wish that we all could be so selflessly passionate, you are amazing!

    Jennifer, I cannot thank you and your family enough for being so inspirational. I hope that your story inspires more families to adopt as well. You are a beautiful family!
    Thank you, Jennifer for posting this!

  5. What a blessing Sofia has become to so many people. Thank you for sharing this guest blog spot with all of your readers.

  6. Ooooh, big smiles and tears here. What a beautiful blessing your girls are and yes, of course they can make a difference. Thank you for helping them move forward with helping Sofia and the news of someone wanting to adopt Ivan is so wonderful!

  7. I have tingles! What wonderful news.

    Because my husband and I are not financially able to adopt or send more than $10 to Reece's Rainbow every now and then, I have been looking into new and different ways of raising funds and awareness.

    I may have gone off the deep-end, but this week I started a campaign to get ABC's Dancing With The Stars let me come on the show with 100 percent of the profits going to Reece's Rainbow. I realize it's a 1 in a million chance, but at very least, maybe I can get more people to go to the RR website and help out.

    My FaceBook fan page can be found at:!/pages/Ask-ABC-to-Help-a-Great-Cause-DWTS-her/117812571592627

    Please spread the word! These beautiful angels all deserve a chance!

  8. Jennifer, Your blog has had a HUGE impact on our family.... huge. I will share more as we can. Right now, prayerful.
    Thank you...


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