Sofia was an orphan with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe and now has a forever family.
Join us on our adoption journey and thank you for helping us bring her home!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Four Kids on a Swing

The Sanchez kiddos at the park on the same swing set! Can you spot Sofia?


  1. Oh My, such a GREAT picture!! It did take me a a few moments to find Sophia - so FUN!!!!

  2. Way down at the end, wayyyyyyyy out in front. :-)))

  3. i just spent the past 30 minutes reading your story and i am in tears. your family is beautiful.
    i came across reece's rainbow from and absolutely love this foundation.
    my prayers are with your family...thank you for sharing.
    -a new blog fan =)

  4. beautiful!!! Our little girls are only 16 days apart!!!!!


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