Sofia was an orphan with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe and now has a forever family.
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Thursday, August 19, 2010


We celebrated many things with a recent trip to Disneyland and one of the BIG reasons was Sofia's homecoming! And what better way to be introduced to the USA but by going to DISNEY!

I wrote a bit more about our trip on Joaquin's blog here and I'm sad to say we don't have many more pictures. This one below, our bathing beauty, I took with my phone. We were just too busy having fun at the parks and meeting up with friends Lisa, Cheri and Denise (thank goodness they had their cameras!) and swimming at the hotel pool.

Sofia was incredible during this entire trip. Not one peep in the 8 hour car ride to LA and back and never once cried during our Disney experience (and we went two days in a row from opening to closing). In fact, I think we have a thrill seeker on our hands! We took her on the sliding car ferris wheel and everyone of us got freaked and a bit motion sick except for Sofia who was laughing out loud and flapping her arms in the air. Every single ride she just soaked in and observed. She waved at everyone and generally just enjoyed the whole experience. She's AMAZING!

Here's our favorite of the trip. Have I told you lately that Miss Sofia LOVES to eat...and she will eat anything! Check her out...all the boys are looking around at something going on and Sofia has her eye on Mateo's lollipop! That's my girl!


  1. I wish I could have been there to see her reaction to Mickey Mouse! Now she is truly an American girl, lol.

  2. Could she be any more perfect for your family? She is absolutely beautiful!!! I'm so glad you all have a great time!! That is one of my favorite places - I'll be there in 2 weeks with the boys before I take off for Ukraine! I'm hoping to meet up with Denise, but if not then, then we'll be in CA in Dec or Jan. I would love to meet up, especially if I go to Turlock!

  3. So not fair, LOOK at that lollipop!! She's a girl and that's how those girly girls are. We want the sweetest prettiest thing closest to us. So besides her Mamma, that's that huge swirly thing.

    A recent birthday party had big rainbow lollis like that and they cause quite a stir.

    Great pics and you are troopers, open to close, wow. Great weather here so it's the best summer trip ever this year.

  4. A disney trip is certainly the best way I can think of welcoming Sofia to her new family and home in the U.S. So happy you guys were able to have such a fun trip!!!!

  5. That lollipop photo is CLASSIC! Too cute...

  6. Looks like such fun! We will have to take our kids one day- better start saving now!

  7. How perfect for the little Ukrainian orphan to go to DISNEY BABY!!! Love it!!!

    She gets sweeter with every picture you take.

  8. what a fun outing. cute bathing suit picture

  9. What great pics.... too cute! I love Disneyland


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