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Monday, May 31, 2010

A New Home For Sofia...and Our Boys!

We are putting our precious Tudor home in East Sacramento on the market this week in hopes that we can sell it and buy a bigger home in the suburbs outside of Sacramento. It's about 1600 square feet and it has 3 big bedrooms and 1 bath, living and dining room, kitchen with nook, large utility room, manicured front, side and back yard, wrought iron gate on the driveway, detached one car garage, an attic and a cellar. Lots of potential to add on as well!

We thought long and hard before doing this because 1) We ADORE our house and our neighbors and our friends and East Sac and 2) We LOVE living so close to my parents (Nana and Grandpa).  It's just that our cozy home is just too small for a family of 6 and we just need a little more space to breath and to move and to feel that everyone has some room to grow. We are about to have 4 children under the age of 7 and in a few years those bodies will get bigger and bigger. And although it's not a great time to sell, it is a great time to buy so we think we are making the right "move"...literally and figuratively.

So...if you or anyone you know is looking for an adorable home that has tons of charm and lots of updates and ready for you to hang your clothes can contact our realtor Tim Collom.

Here is a link to our listing.

East Sacramento is probably one of the most charming places to live and it will be hard to leave. We live on the most beautiful tree lined street. Lots of neighbors with children live up and down the street. We have excellent public schools and nearby private schools as well. It's walking and bike riding distance to parks, coffee shops, restaurants, Trader Joe's, and the list goes on.

I've made some amazing friends here in East Sacramento and I hate to leave and start all over again but I know that I will keep my good friends and I will see them often since my parents live here and we will be visiting VERY often!

We're moving to the suburb of Rocklin in the Whitney Ranch neighborhood...if we are able to sell our home. It's about 30 minutes away so not too far. We hope to make new friends quickly and if all works out we will sell our current house before the end of summer and then move to Rocklin in October. We HOPE we can do this. I think our family needs the space and I need my sanity! We look forward to having a neighborhood school (two blocks away) that is brand new, a wonderful neighborhood pool (4 blocks away) and lots and lots of open space and parks. It's not East Sac (hard to beat!) but it does have a lot of the qualities of the kind of neighborhood I grew up in and I'm looking forward to having that for our kids.

So....with so much happening in just a few days with us leaving for Ukraine to get Sofia...we are adding to that stress by putting our house on the market while we are gone and getting it prepped to sell this week! Yikes! We sure know how to keep busy in this household!

But, even with the craziness, I feel deep down inside that this is what is best for us, the boys and for our Sofia. This move is ALL about the kids. And it doesn't hurt that we will be saving money as well since it's less expensive living in the suburbs than in town. Seems smart all the way around.

Please pray our house sells quickly and that the perfect family finds it to be as sweet and charming as we have. We will miss our sweet home.


  1. I am so excited for you to get your Sofia! Your house looks like my dream house from the front! Too bad I don't even live in the state of California. I hope it all goes well! :) xx

  2. So sad you are leaving... I love being your neighbor. But it is DEFINITELY the right move for your family. I just wish they had those houses here in East Sac!

  3. You have a beautiful house! Hoping all goes smoothly and that you are in your new dream home SOON!


  4. Praying for a quick sale Jennifer!! Can't wait to hear how Sophia is doing!!

  5. Good luck to you. I am sure your house will sell quickly. Whitney Ranch is lovely...and a short commute for Hector. Best wishes to all of you!


  6. Hope your beautiful home sells quickly! Another big change in your future :)

  7. What an adorable house you have!! But I totally understand the needing to get more space. I am a suburb gal myself so it sounds like a great idea!!! Hurry up and get Sofia...I can't wait to see pics of her with the boys!!

  8. What a lovely house! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it sells quickly and things go smoothly! Can't wait for you and Sofia to be together again... not to mention I can't wait for the updates once she gets home!

  9. hope the house sells quickly and you all have a safe trip to get you little one

  10. Congratulations on your move!! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE Rocklin. The water parks there are sooo much fun for the little ones! I've never lived in Rocklin, but I lived in Roseville for 35 years, and always thought Rocklin was just a little nicer... more quiet and low key. Not so much hustle-bustle. We moved out of Roseville just last year because it is simply too crowded, and we did not end up in Rocklin, but it was definitely one of our two choices! So Godspeed to you on the sale of your beautiful East Sac home, and congrats on your new venture!

  11. Yes, East Sac is hard to beat, especially all the trees and charm and location, yada yada. BUT, that's why we moved to the burbs after Nic was born. East Sac calls us back each time we're there, but then reality sets in... Your house is gorgeous inside and out... I know it'll go quickly.

  12. Praying that your house sells quickly. The picture of it is charming and I wouldn't think you'd have too much trouble selling it. So excited that it's almost time for you to travel back to Ukraine to get Sofia. Can't wait for updates and to see her home with her family.


  13. I love the name of the neighborhood you are moving to... "whitney" ranch :) best of luck selling QUICKLY and with your exciting move!!! WOW you guys are BUSY BUSY BUSY! (understatement)... your house looks adorable, i am sure it will sell in a heartbeat!

  14. Phew! You're making me tired, Jen! So much going on - but all really great and exciting things. Hoping your house sells quickly and that your adjustment to the new house goes smoothly for everyone.

  15. Wow it is getting close to gotcha day ! Sofia captured my heart too - I think she looks a little like baby Owen. Your house looks fantastic on Tims website have you found a home you like in the new area?


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