Sofia was an orphan with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe and now has a forever family.
Join us on our adoption journey and thank you for helping us bring her home!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hector's corner...

Yesterday morning on our walk to the orphanage we heard some commotion in the road ahead and out of this field comes running like a bat out of hell this jack rabbit being chased by a pack of dogs, it zoomed by us so fast it was so cool to watch, it happened so fast this is the best picture I could manage.

"We will only be as successful as we believe. There is a racing axiom that says the car goes where your eyes go. Focus on the challenges and obstacles and you are bound to crash. Focus on where you want to go and you will succeed."

This morning I was reading my work email and I found this note from Mark, the CEO of my company. It is so obvious but sometimes we forget to focus on the target. It is funny that engraved in the brain of Diego and Mateo is the phrase, "keep your eyes on the ball" when they are playing baseball or tennis. I've said that to them a million times and they laugh at me now when i do. But when they do it, they hit the ball perfectly and I say "you see?".

Here are some pictures of yesterday's visit. We are running out of ideas on how to take new pictures of Sofia, but we wanted to share anyway.

Jen is doing therapy with Sofia every day on our second visit. I wouldn't be surprised is she is sitting up and crawling by the time we leave. She got up on her hands and knees today. God forbid we put her on the floor, the staff will freak out if we do, but we tried it today while I closely watched to make sure none of the staff could see us. We were almost caught once but Jen managed to scoop her off the floor just in time. The excitement is good for us!


  1. Oh she is so beautiful. Love the smile on her face. It's as though she already trusts you and feels the ultimate comfort of her Mommy and Daddy. So nice to see.:)

  2. I love the picture of Sofia with her little head down doing what we will call "rebellion practice crawling" guys are soo funny!! Hector it is fun to read your updates...and Jennifer I saw your facebook status...oh what a sweet little prayer of Mateo's!!

  3. She is doing so well, and will only blossom more with your tneder loving care. Good on you for being sneaky ;)

  4. I have to read several posts at once, because I can't get to them everyday(but I am thinking of you daily)! When I read about you missing your boys, it breaks my heart! This journey is testing you in so many ways. Stay strong! Keep focused on the day you arrive home, with Sofia! It will be such a beautiful day! I am praying for you! HUGS!

  5. i am a mom through adoption and know the stress of postponed dates and all that comes with adoption..we had a change from the bio-father the night before our adoption...he wanted to change a few things and we stood our ground and prayed...and it all came together. your little sophia is beautiful and just know that a mommy in PA and her little girl gracee will be praying for miracles for and doors to be opened! your pictures are breathtaking.

  6. I love seeing her on that special blanket! Keep strong and focused and enjoy the time that YOU have to be together and strengthen your relationship too!

  7. Thank you so much for posting the pictures of the orphanage as well as Sofia! It is amazing to see what a different world it is... the peeling paint, the antiquated cribs, cars and play equipment.
    It's also quite amazing to see the difference in Sofia! Someone else stated she seems so much more animated. It's TRUE! We can see her blossoming through the photographs. I can only imagine how much more she'll change once she is at home, receiving a daily dose of love and allowed to play on the floor (LOL).
    Creating a photo diary for Sofia is a fantastic idea. There are websites where you can get them professionally printed and bound. You might actually have a marketable product there (you could donate the proceeds to Reece's Rainbow) :o) Your photographs are coffee-table book quality, and your adoption experience is worth sharing. (Just a thought.)
    Thank you for including us in your journey!

  8. great job with the physical therapy! there is a def growth that can be seen in your photos.
    question: why don't they like sofia to be on the floor?

  9. She is blossoming already, right before your eyes! So great!!!
    The Bible, too, speaks of keeping our eyes on the goal and leaving the rest to the Lord to handle for us.
    Philippians 3:13,14 "...forgetting what is behind me. I move on toward the goal to win the prize. God has appointed me to win it. The heavenly prize is Christ jesus himself."
    The race is long and tiring, but the victory will be so sweet.

  10. I love that you are doing rogue PT ;-)

  11. love the first pic with her head on the ground!! The pics of your baby princess NEVER get old. Keep posting. They are refreshing to see each day. I'm so happy to hear your court date got moved forward!!!


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