Sofia was an orphan with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe and now has a forever family.
Join us on our adoption journey and thank you for helping us bring her home!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Daily Routine

Yesterday was a good day, we are so excited that by this time next week we might be home or heading home. The daily visits to see Sofia are getting harder every day, we love spending time with her and discovering new faces and sounds, but there is not much we can do with her. She naps for most of our first visit, which is great. She was so sleep deprived and sick a week ago, she needed extra nap time. Now she is doing so much better. The afternoon visit we always stay inside and let her play on the "floor" and we do lots of exercises and therapies we did with Joaquin.

Yesterday morning when we were bundling Sofia to take her out in the morning, They brought two other children out from her groupa and started dressing them to take them on a walk. We don't know the names of these two boys, we are not even sure if one of them is a girl ( the one on the right in the picture). They don't have Down syndrome, but they have some kind of brain injury.

The lady in the picture is one of Sofia's caretakers, she is really sweet and tries her hardest to speak to us in English. She tried to tell Jen the other day "Bless You". We really like her.

The boy on the left has gotten really fond of us, he gets so excited when he has a chance to interact with us. He doesn't speak much that we know but he makes noises and smiles a lot. This morning while they were getting him ready to go out, he looked at each of us and said: "Mama" ,"Papa"! The caretaker said something to him we didn't understand using those words and we assumed she was explaining that we were trying to be Sofia's mama and papa. It broke our hearts, the people here really like these children and they take good care of them, but to see this boy who wants a Mama and Papa of his own broke our hearts. It is so hard to turn around and look the other way. These two beautiful kids are not in the process of being adopted yet, as far as we know. We are trying to take as many pictures as we can so that somehow they can get noticed.

We brought a blanket out and sat on the grass today.

She lasted about 20 minutes and fell asleep.

Cute Sasha!

Sofia's cubbie.

She loves the feel of the floor.


  1. Is she at the orphanage in Vorzel? Thank you for all the photos, it helps to know what we are in for.

  2. I'm amazed at just how fast this whole process has been. You will have gone from talking about an idea to bringing this sweet cherub home from half way around the world in four short months. Guided by angels flying at warp speed, in my humble opinion. You can see in every picture how much she is blossoming and thriving with your attention, touch, and love. I can only imagine the progress she will make back here. Like so many of us, I can't wait to hug her and kiss those little cheeks! God's continued blessings as you continue your amazing journey.

  3. We love seeing all of your photos... but we especially appreciate the ones of Sasha! Every photo we have of him is such a gift!!! Between you and S & S, God has blessed us with so many Sasha sightings and we are very thankful!!!

    Praying you have a great weekend with your daughter and that your boys are doing alright at home. Are they feeling better?

    I'm not one who usually wants to wish my days away (because time goes too fast as it is!), but May 6th can't get here soon enough - even for me, on the outside of your journey!


  4. such beautiful pictures! What a wonderful day it will be when you can take a picture of Sofia's EMPTY cubby.
    *tammy (rr)

  5. oh friend, I soooooo know what you mean about the ones you have to leave behind. It is heartbreaking for sure. THRILLED to see that your court date got moved up a little--such a huge blessing.

    Aaahhhh....your angel is such a beauty.

    Love and hugs from snowy CO.

  6. That beautiful smile makes it all worth while. What a sweetie!

  7. She is so precious!! Thanks for sharing all the pictures of the other children it really breaks my heart. I am really going to dread walking away with just one wish I could bring them all home !!

  8. The last photo you posted is absolutely beautiful! Her smile lights up the room. Best of luck to you on the 6th, I'll be thinking of y'all...

  9. Hi Jen, You take amazing pictures. Absolutely love the last one of Sophia. Very happy. Congrats on them moving the date up. I know this region is rough when Sarah and Shawn were there. Look forward to hearing more of the journey!
    Kim & Tom Baumann, Adopting Vanya

  10. She is just beautiful. A much loved little girl. What a happy day it will be when she sets her little feet here in America!

  11. I really love the picture of the kids on the playground thingie. That picture speaks a thousand words. Sofia is a doll baby!!!


  12. I LOVE your photos. Praying that the rest of your journey goes smoothly. :)

  13. she is so beautiful and what a gorgeous smile. Love the picture of all of the children

  14. Sofia has the most amazing smile! It just breaks my heart to read about the little boy... I'm praying a family will come for him too. These are the times I wish I could bring every last one of them home. I'm just so happy that Sofia has found her Mama and Papa!! I know she'll bring so much happiness to your family. And having a family will mean more to her than most of us could ever fathom.

  15. awwww just look at her little face in that last picture....she looks so happy to have your there...and to know your love!!

  16. I have never left a comment, but I follow this blog daily! I am so happy for your family and I am praying for you all! I have found many blogs through Reeces Rainbow that I follow and would love to have the funds to adopt myself! I am a Prayer Warrior though, and just wanted to let you know that I am sending prayers your way! I could just snuggle and squeeze Sasha! And Sofia is just a doll! Congratulations on the court date as well! Prayers, prayers, prayers! :)


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