Sofia was an orphan with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe and now has a forever family.
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Friday, February 19, 2010

From One Adoptive Mom to Another

In the few weeks that Hector and I took to decide whether or not to adopt and then the few days we took to officially announce the news, I had a secret supporter in a fellow blogger, author and friend. Lisa Peele has always been one of those people that I have just been drawn to. I love her energy, her true love of humanity and of course her beautiful daughter Bridget. Lisa just happens to be about a month ahead of me in the process of adopting her sweet Alina. Whenever I had any doubts about Sofia and the adoption process, I knew exactly who to turn to. Here is one of her many inspirational emails she sent to me and with her permission I wanted to share it on my blog. Here are her words to me in the days leading up to telling my parent's about our decision to adopt Sofia....


My Yogi tea message today:

Mantras you shouldn’t say: I don’t know; I’m not ready; I can’t do it.

With that said, Love never takes away…it only adds J. You are more than prepared to raise and love all three boys and Sofia. You already have such a handle on not only Down syndrome, but also on what it means in general to raise a happy and healthy family. Plus, you are very well networked in both the Ds and adoption communities already. It might help your parents to know that you are going into this with your eyes open, and have plenty of resources should you need guidance or help of any kind.

I know my parents initially thought, “How on earth will they manage?”…but they are completely on board and excited for Alina to come home. Chris travels quite a bit, and with five children all going different directions, I really need to clone myself. I am committed to asking for help when I need it, and for being creative coming up with ways to alleviate stress and keep a happy environment at home.

Sofia and Joaquin will be great for one another. They will have a connection and a companionship that will be a gift for both of them, and for your whole family. Peer relationships with other people with Down syndrome are very important for our kids. Having a sibling with the same diagnosis will benefit both Joaquin and Sofia!

Having two children with Ds extends your advocacy reach as well. You have dipped your foot into the water of advocacy these past two years already, and now you are going to be fully submerged J. Think of all the good you will do.

We are advocates for our children, for Ds and now for international adoption. We are also advocates of LIFE & LOVE. Showing acceptance, compassion, and hope—while saving the life of a precious child—is a good thing. Don’t ever believe otherwise.

Thank you Lisa for your guidance, love and support. You were instrumental in giving me the courage to make this giant leap of faith. My family and Sofia will be forever grateful to you.


  1. That is wonderful that you have such amazing support and love through all of this!

  2. Having the support of friends near and far has been truly amazing in this process. Lisa has been a wonderful support for me as well!! Perhaps she really has cloned herself since there are quite a few of us that are benefitting from her wisdom and advice. :)

    Did I tell you that your Sofia was one of the first cuties I had my eyes on as well? (I can't remember if I wrote you that yet or not). Anyway, once again, God was at work because if we had committed to her and then found out about her true age while in process, we would have had to start over because we would have been too old to adopt her. Praise God He knew that you guys were supposed to be her family!!!


  3. Thank you for sharing those words from Lisa. I agree, she's an amazing woman, but so are you and if anyone can do this... you can! In a sense, you already have 4 children on some days, with Joey being with you, so you've already got that part down. :-) You've been an amazing advocate and I'm so glad we're friends!

  4. Jen, thank you right back for being there for me :). I cherish our far-away friendship. How lucky we are to have been led to one another :)....and Kristin and Monica! I will be so happy when Sofia is finally home with you, Hector and the boys!


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